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Location: 1624
The Hague, 1624 - 293 x 420 mm.
Extremely rare map of Salvador and Baia de Todos os Santos (Bay of Saints) published by the The Hague publisher Henricus Hondius (not to confuse with the Amsterdam H.Hondius, which is often done !). T..
Location: 1631
Amsterdam, 1631 - 480 x 605 mm.
Very rare and very decorative map with in the right and left borders costumed figures and town plans alternately. In top and bottom border town plans and views.Separate publication. State (a) with bla..
Location: 1631
Amsterdam, 1631 - 495 x 365 mm.
Map of France, including present-day Belgium. Jodocus Hondius Jr. planned to produce a new modern atlas less dependent on the Mercator plates that his father had acquired in 1604. It would make sense ..
Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 372 x 485 mm.
Copper engraving, hand colored in outline when published. A highly decorative map showing Guiana extending westwards to Trinidad and Margarita Island, dominated by a huge inland sea north of the Amazo..
Location: 1631
Amsterdam, 1631 - 350 x 500 mm.
Map of north of France, part of Picardie, centered of Cambrai...
Location: 1640
Amsterdam/Paris, ca. 1640 - 370 x 495 mm.
Carte de l'Archevêché de Cambray publiée sans texte au verso vraisemblablement dans un atlas composite français. Ornée de 4 cartouches comprenant le titre, les armoiries, l'échelle et un renvoi. La ca..
Location: 1655
Amsterdam, 1655 - 385 x 500 mm.
A finely designed map of Turkey and Cyprus from the great Hondius family of Amsterdam...
Location: 1636
Amsterdam, after 1636 - 382 x 487 mm.
Decorative map of the region which includes the city of Pamplona at the centre of the map, Bayonne and San Sebastian. Highly decorative figured cartouche bottom left. Four crests and a large coat of ..
Location: 1628
Amsterdam, 1628 - 376 x 488 mm.
Both side borders are filled with coat of arms of the island's leading families. Much more decorative than the map published by Blaeu in 1631...
Location: 1637
Amsterdam, 1637 - 439 x 550 mm.
Shows cities of Saragossa and Pamplona. Dedication to a list of worthies, deputies of the king in Aragon by Henricus Hondius. Based on a map by the Portuguese mapmaker Juan Bautista Labana (1555-1624)..
Location: 1640
Amsterdam, 1640 - 393 x 507 mm.
Two maps on one sheet. The map of Blaisois is prepared by Joannes Temporius. Both maps showing the lands around the river Loire. Map to the left with decorative title cartouche with putti holding grap..
Location: 1640
Amsterdam / Paris, ca. 1640 - 374 x 500 mm.
Carte de Picardie publiée sans texte au verso vraisemblablement dans un atlas composite français.Dans la première moitié du 17ème siècle, les firmes de Hondius, Janssonius et Blaeu dominent le marché..
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