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Location: 1598
Published: Antwerp, 1598
Size: 357 x 498 mm.
Color: Uncoloured.
Condition: French text on the verso. Wide margins and a strong and dark impression. In fine condition.
Two separate virtually identically sized inset maps on one sheet, each with a decorative scroll title cartouche. Culiacanae d..
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Location: 1619
Published: Frankfurt, 1619
Size: 337 x 425mm.
Color: Original colors
Condition: Paper browned, short and somewhat frayed margins, but still an attractive early map of Mexico.
This was the standard map of the area for a generation, copied after Ortelius. Both cartouches in the map are copies of desig..
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Location: 1644
Published: Amsterdam, 1644
Size: 383 x 500mm.
Color: In attractive strong original colours.
Condition: A good and dark impression. Paper creasing along center fold, generally in very good condition. French text on verso.
Map of New Spain and New Galicia shows the city of Mexico situated by a large lake, as well as the location of many silver an..
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Location: 1874
Published: Paris, 1874
Size: 275 x 400mm.
Color: Original colours.
Condition: Steel engraving in mint condition.
Decorative map of Central America from Géographie Universelle, Atlas Migeon. With an inset map of the Panama isthmus low..
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