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Location: 1710
Amsterdam, ca.1710 - 452 x 575 mm.
A very representative example of a Dutch sea-chart, showing the harbour of Cette in Languedoc. In lower part two inset coastal profiles...
Location: 1710
Amsterdam, ca. 1710 - 510 x 883 mm.
Highly decorative large sea chart of Corsica, Sardinia and Elba, including multiple sailing ships, compass roses, cartouche, coat of arms, rhumb lines, topographical details, soundings, etc.Inset map ..
Location: 1751
Amsterdam, 1728 - 1751 - 590 x 996 mm.
This rare chart shows the Chanel between England et France. With explanation cartouche and ornamentally surrounded title-cartouche, fivefold miles indicator, current arrows, and two compass cards.More..
Location: 1751
Amsterdam, 1751 - 585 x 984 mm.
Rare two sheet sea chart of the coasts of Brazil, West Africa and South Africa, published by Johannes Van Keulen (the younger), circa 1720.The chart shows the western coast of Africa but the informati..
Location: 1753
Amsterdam, 1753 - 410 x 535 mm.
A rare and finely engraved and detailed chart of China's Zhejiang Province, including Ningbo, Zhoushan and Mount Putuo (Powto) and the mouth of the Yangtze Delta, just south of Shanghai. Very rare: on..
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