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Aunis - Saintonge

Location: 1627
Paris, 1627 - 385 x 440 mm.
Scarce map depicting the area of La Rochelle, with the Isle de Ré, Aix and Ile d'Oléron. Prepared by Jérome Bachot (1596-1635?). From "Theatre geographique du Royaume de France. . . .". Here with the ..
Location: 1627
Amsterdam, 1627 - 395 x 523 mm.
Very rare map of Poitou-Charentes with Île de Ré and the French coast with La Rochelle, oriented to the Northwest. With two inset fortification plans: Fort de la Pree and Fort de St Martin.Shows the b..
Location: 1634
Amsterdam, 1634 - 392 x 500 mm.
FIRST EDITION, FIRST ISSUE OF THIS MAP. From the 1634 edition of Blaeu's Atlas Novus, the first edition of this work.Map of Province de Saintonge in the west of France. Including the Isle de Ré and d'..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 391 x 536 mm.
Map of Ré and Oléron islands. Depicting the west coast of France, showing La Rochelle. Several vessels and sailing ships dot the Atlantic ocean.Three windroses indicate north to the left. Embellished ..
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 390 x 500 mm.
This map features a portion of western coastal France, north of Bordeaux with Ile de Ré and Ile Oléron. Two large cartouches show cherubs with grapes and wheat, and two women with a globe. From earl..
Location: 1690
Venise, 1690 - 280 x 445 mm.
The map, from Atlantean Veneto, represents the island of Oléron and part of Saintonge. Adorned with two newts holding the coat of arms of the province above their heads, placed on a shell. Includes, i..
Location: 1690
Venice, 1690 - 270 x 460 mm.
A beautiful and rare map of Ile de Ré. The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology, was citizen of the Republic of Venice. He was also o..
Location: 1708
Amsterdam, 1708 - 387 x 510 mm.
Finely watercolored map showing the Ile de Ré as well as the coasts of Poitou and Aunis with La Rochelle and Fort St. Louys. Engraved by Claes Jansz Visscher (1587-1652), reissued by Petrus Schenk. De..
Location: 1762
Londres, 1762 - 195 x 250 mm.
This print depicts the town and citadel of St. Martin on the French Island, “Isle de Re”. Thomas Jefferys (1719–1771), "Geographer to King George III", was an English cartographer who was the leading ..
Location: 1841
Paris, M. B. Dusillon, ca. 1841 - 675 x 480 mm.
Detailed map of Charente from "Atlas général de France divisée en départements par Donnet et Monin ; avec armes et vues de Chapuy gravées sur cuivre par MM. Arlus, Malo, Bénard, Traversier, &.a.This i..
Location: 1861
Paris, 1861 - 671 x 1010 mm.
Large plan of Angoulême drawn up according to the alignment plans by O. Vinson under the direction of the city voyer by the orders of Mr. B. Duvivier Mayor of Angoulême 1861. Engraved by Delamare. Fla..
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