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27     MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J. America Meridionalis. ( Amsterdam, 1630) Beau col. - A good and strong impression. Paper slightly age toned, as usual. 356 x 489 mm.

1700 - 1850 €
Adjugé pour 1800 €

¤ The eastern part of Brazil is depicted as an island: a huge Rio de la Plata extends from the Atlantic in the south to a large lake, Eupana Lacus. From this lake the Rio Grande flows further northward into the Amazon river and from there into the Atlantic. In an inset a view of Cusco, the Inca capital.

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28     BLAEU, G. Peru. ( Amsterdam, 1640) Beau col. ancien. - In very good condition. The map is lavishly coloured using gold for the cartouches and further embellishment. 375 x 490 mm.

400 - 600 €
Adjugé pour 360 €

¤ Decorated with ships and monsters on the sea. Orientated with east at the top. A most attractive item. The scale of longitude and latitude are coloured alternating with red, blue and pink. The cartouches and decoration are coloured in an artistic way. Very fine and rare with this type of colouring. Originally engraved for Jodocus Hondius, at his death on August 18, 1629, this map was purchased by Willem Blaeu among 39 other Hondius copper plates. Blaeu deleted Hondius' name and added his own to the imprint. Then, he immediately published 34 of them as part of his first atlas. - V.d.Krogt/Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol.2, 9820:2.2

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