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52     BLAEU, G. China Veteribus Sinarum Regio. ( Amsterdam, ca. 1642) Col. ancien. Coupé au cuivre et réenmargé anciennement. Papier bruni, couleurs un peu passées. Cadre. - Cut till the neatline and contemporary laid down on a larger sheet of paper. Orig. coloured, paper browned. Framed. 410 x 500 mm.

500 - 800 €
Adjugé pour 450 €

¤ Attractive Dutch map of China and Japan found in all Blaeu Atlases between 1635 and 1655. Elegant 17th century map of China and Japan. The map is closely modeled on Jansson's map of 1633. The detail includes the eastern part of China (bounded in the west by the Great Wall), Korea as a strangely shaped island, and the three main islands of Japan. A fine title cartouche flanked by Chinese figures, a richly embellished coat of arms (dedicated to Theodore Bas, a director of the Dutch East India Company), European ships and Chinese sampans decorate the map.

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