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474 CORONELLI, V.M. Parte Orientale della Spagna. . . Venice, 1696. Uncoloured. If joined Very strong impression. Some very light marginal spotting. A tear in center fold left hand sheet underlaid. In very good condition. 605 x 895 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°31830 .

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¤ A scarce and very attractive double sheet detailed map of Spain and Portugal. This map appeared in the "Atlante Veneto", Coronelli's best known work. In a typical flourish, Coronelli places the Castillian lion in the lower right hand corner with his sword above the shields of the Spanish kings.
In the top right corner the title cartouches features an eagle, rampant lion and elephant.

The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology, was citizen of the Republic of Venice. He was also one of the most prominent mapmakers and publishers in Europe of his day.

More about Coronelli. ¤

475 DANCKERTS,J. Accuratissima Totius Regni Hispaniae tabula.. Amsterdam, 1700. In attractive original colours. A good and dark impression. Printed on heavy paper. Repair of split lower part centerfold, 5cm into engraved area. Good condition. 490 x 574 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°9554 .

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¤ Rare issue of Justus Danckert's attractive map of part of Spain and Portugal. Decorative title cartouche lower right hand corner. SEE a large description of the Danckerts family on our page about Mapmakers.

476 KEIZER, J./ DE LAT, J. Nieuwe Kaart van Portugal en Spanjen. Amsterdam/ Deventer, 1742. In original colours. Vertical folds as issued. Minor marginal darkening along folds. Very fine image. 180 x 220 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°25163 .

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¤ Attractive and uncommon map of Spain and Portugal. From Atlas Portatif .

477 ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, G. Carte des Royaumes d'Espagne et de Portugal. Paris, 1757. Limites en col. ancien. Papier bruni, galerie de ver dans la marge en bas du pli central. 477 x 571 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°64121 .

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¤ Carte représentant les royaumes d'Espagne et de Portugal. Ornée d'un cartouche de titre figuratif. - Detailed map of Spain, Portugal and Baleares islands. Showing also southwestern part of France and north Africa.

Provinces Espagne

478 HONDIUS, J. Cataloniae principatus descriptio nova. Amsterdam, 1628. In original colours. A good and strong impression. Paper slightly age-toned, as usual. Altogether in very good condition. 385 x 484 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32304 .

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¤ Map of Catalonia. The map is highly detailed, identifying cities, rivers, mountains, castles, ports and other features. Two sea monsters are shown in the upper right corner, along with a sailing ship, compass rose and decorative cartouche.

No text on verso. From a French composite atlas.
Read more about Dutch - French ties.[+]

479 HONDIUS, H. Navarra. Amsterdam, after 1636. Original colours. Paper very slightly age-toned. Wide margins. Good and dark impression. No text on verso. 382 x 487 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32315 .

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¤ Decorative map of the region which includes the city of Pamplona at the centre of the map, Bayonne and San Sebastian. Highly decorative figured cartouche bottom left. Four crests and a large coat of arms embellish the map.

No text on verso. From a French composite atlas. V.d. Krogt, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. I, 6015:1A.1.

480 JANSSONIUS, J. / HONDIUS, H. Gallaecia Regnum. Amsterdam, after 1636. In original colours. Very good condition. No text on verso. 375 x 485 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32312 .

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¤ Decorative map of Spain. Decorate by a fine title cartouche.

No text on verso. From a French composite atlas.
Read more about Dutch - French ties.[+] V.d. Krogt, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. I, 4560:1B.2.

481 HONDIUS, H. Novissima Arragoniae regni tabula. . . Amsterdam, 1637. In original o/l colours. Short margins, due to large size of the map. Lower margin cut into scale border. Good and dark impression. Latin text on verso. 439 x 550 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32416 .

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¤ Shows cities of Saragossa and Pamplona. Dedication to a list of worthies, deputies of the king in Aragon by Henricus Hondius. Based on a map by the Portuguese mapmaker Juan Bautista Labana (1555-1624).
From his "Appendix" of 1637.

482 JANSSONIUS, J. Granata et Murcia regna. Amsterdam, 1637. In original o/l colours. In good condition. Paper very slightly age-toned. With Latin text on verso. 379 x 494 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32417 .

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¤ A fine copy decorated with the Arms of both States and the figure of a surveyor. Extending from the Straits of Gibraltar to Alicante as far inland as the Guagalquivir valley and Seville and the coast of North Africa.
From his "Appendix" of 1637.

483 JANSSONIUS, J. Legionis regnum et Asturiarum principatus. Amsterdam, 1637. In original o/l colours. Printed on heavy paper. Very good condition. Latin text on verso. 377 x 484 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32311 .

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¤ Decorative map of the Spanish Province Asturias, Castile and Léon, including the towns of Oviedo, Leòn, Santander, Valladolid, etc. With two fine title cartouches. V.d. Krogt, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. I, 6010:1B.

484 JANSSONIUS, J. Biscaia et Guipuscoa Cantabriae Veteris Pars. Amsterdam, 1645. Coloured. Paper slightly age-toned. Margins cut on neat line. No text on verso. 379 x 4892 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32313 .

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¤ A nice example of Janssonius map of region centered on Bilbao and extending from S. Andero to Calgurris and Baiona. Shows cities of Bilbao and Laredo, and includes a charming vignette of a putti with surveying equipment.br />
No text on verso. From a French composite atlas. V.d. Krogt, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. I, 6020:1.

485 BEAULIEU, Sébastien de PONTAULT de. Carte du Gouvernement de Blanes. Paris, ca. 1680. Large mouillure affectant toute la planche. - Good and dark impression. Water stain extending to the whole engraving. 108 x 153 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°37415 .

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¤ Carte figurant le gouvernement de Blanes en Catalogne, publiée dans "Les plans et profils dez principales villes et lieux considérables de Catalogne." Ornée d'une rose des vents et d'un cartouche de titre. Decorative print of the area around Blanes, in Catalonia. Engraved by Pérelle. Embellished with a compass rose.

486 WIT, F. de. Regni Navarrae.. Amsterdam, 1690. In attractive original colours. In mint condition, wide margins. 378 x 487 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°2417 .

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¤ Centred on Pamplona. Orientated west to the top.

487 COVENS, J./ MORTIER, C. De Haven en Straat von Gibraltar, Niewlyks getekend, en in`t licht gebracht door Johannes Covens en Cornelis Mortier tot Amsterdam. Amsterdam, 1710. In original colours. Paper slightly age-toned. Printed on heavy paper. In very good condition. 492 x 582 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°27889 .

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¤ Decorative map showing the siege of Gibraltar during the Spanish war of succession. This highly interesting map is richly ornated with three additional inset maps and views. The map provides information on fortifications, harbor places, villages, mountains, etc.
Further a scene of decorative battle ships is engraved at the bottom. ¤

488 MICHELOT, H. / BREMOND, L. Nouvelle Carte de la Baye de Cadis et du Detroit de Gibraltar, dediee a Monseigneur, Le Chevalier d'Orleans, General des Galeres de France. Par ses tres humbles serviteurs Marseille, 1715-1726. Carte montée sur papier fort. Petite consolidation et petits trous de ver en bas du pli central. Pâle mouillure en bordure supérieure de la planche. Infimes rousseurs. - staining. A few small worm tracing in lower part chart. A dark impression. 470 x 690 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°34108 .

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¤ Carte marine représentant la baie de Cadix et le détroit de Gibraltar gravée par Authement, publié dans "Cartes des co^tes de la mer Me´diterrane´e avec les i^les et les ports". Ornée d'une grande rose des vents, d'un grand cartouche de titre figurant une galère, d'une échelle et de remarques.
L'atlas décrit les côtes de l'Espagne, de l'Italie, de la France, du Maroc, de la Grèce ainsi que les îles de la Méditerranée et comprend notamment 3 grandes cartes de Corse, Sardaigne et Malte.
Michelot était Hydrographe et Pilote Real des Galères du Roy, Brémond Hydrographe du Roy.

- The chart covers Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. Includes San Lucar de Barameda, Rota, Cape Trafalgar, Ceuta, Tangiers, Tarife (Tarifa) Gibraltar, Puerto Santa Maria and the hills of Medina Sidonia. The chart has a large cartouche, and is adorned with mermaids, anchors and canons, flags. Large compass roses and ruhmb lines. The fortifications and topography of the coasts are shown.

villes Espagne

489 AVELINE, P. / CREPY Cazal. (Casale Monferrato) Paris, 1690-1730. Good condition. 193 x 313 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°32491 .

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¤ A rare panoramic town-view of Casale Monferrato in the Piedmont region. Engraved by Pierre Aveline (Paris, c.1656 - 23 May 1722). He was also a print-publisher and print-seller. He probably trained with Adam Pérelle and, like him, specialized in topographical representations. He engraved in suites many views of Paris and of provincial, European and African cities, mixing etching and burin. In 1685 he obtained a royal license for ten years, authorizing him to reproduce 'le profil des maisons royales'. Among the 412 items that comprise his œuvre, there are only two portraits and two prints of historical subjects. The print carries the privilege du Roy .
With the publishers address of Crepy. Etienne Louis Crepy (c.1700-1759) was active as an engraver and publisher active at rue St.Jacques a St.Pierre in Paris. He was specializing in maps and geographical prints. In 1731 he acquired the stock of copper plates of topographical content from his father Jean Crepy.
Collectors item!. Thieme-B. II, 273 (Aveline)

490 FATOUT et AVICE. Vue de Cadix. Paris, ca.1880. Beau col. d'époque. Aquatinte en coloris d'époque. Légère décoloration dans le ciel, 6 trous d'épingle au pourtour de la gravure. Bel exemplaire dans un coloris très frais. - Hand-coloured aquatint. 6 tiny pin holes around the engraved area. Slight discoloration in the sky. In very good condition. 420 x 580 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°27680 .

2500 €   buy now

¤ Très rare vue du port de Cadix en magnifique coloris d'époque, gravée par Renouard et publiée à Paris par Fatout et Avice. Figure de nombreux drapeaux flottant sur la ville ainsi que de nombreux navires en mer, à l'avant-plan. Signature gravée en bas à gauche dans la planche "Renouard, en bas à droite sous la planche "Renouard sc.". Trois autre vues, dans le même style, ont été publiées par Fatout et Avice : Jérusalem, Venise et Liverpool. - Very rare view of Cadiz and its seafront drawn and engraved by Renouard, published in Paris by Fatout et Avice, Quai Malaquais, 9. Beautifully hand coloured at the time of the publication. Figures many flags fluttering in the city and many ships and vessels in the sea. The plate bears in the left lower part, the engraved signature of Renouard and below the right lower part "Renouard sc.".
Three other views in the same style were published by Fatout et Avice : Jerusalem, Venice and Liverpool.


491 BLAEU, G. Insulae Balearides et Pytiusae. Amsterdam, 1645. Original colours. In attractive original colours. With wide margins, some light marginal water staining, not affecting engraved area. 380 x 498 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°2188 .

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¤ Beautiful map of the islands of Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza, including the coasts of Catalonia and Valencia.
Decorated with sea monsters, ships, royal coats of arms, and an elegant title scroll, from a Dutch text edition of Blaeu's landmark "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum".
Nice wide margined example.

492 ANONYME. Plan du port et ville de Mahon du fort st. Philippe et ses fortifications. c.1720. Col. ancien. Very good condition. 415 x 548 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°28437 .

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¤ A rare manuscript map showing the Harbour and town of Mahon with the Fortifications of St. Philip's Castle on Minorca. A key 1-60 and G1 and G2 in bottom.

493 COVENS, J. / MORTIER, C. Carte des Isles de Maiorque Minorque et Yvice… Amsterdam, 1720. In original colours. Very good condition. 405 x 560 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°28017 .

1200 €   buy now

¤ Fine map of the Baleares with much detail, in lower part inset "Plan du Port de Mahon du Fort St. Philippe et ses Fortifications". The map is dedicated to Jean Frédéric Phélypeaux, Comte de Maurepas (1701-1781) who held the position of Secretary to the Royal Household and Minister of Marine in the court of Louis XV. He succeeded his father as State Secretary at age fourteen, and thereafter became one of the most powerful nobles at the French court. He maintained this power until 1749, when he was accused of writing derogatory epigrams about Madame de Pompadour, the King's mistress. He was then banished from court until 1774, when he was recalled by Louis XVI and established as one of the King's councilors.

A large presentation of Ibiza lower left.
Jean (Johannes) Covens and Corneille (Cornelius) Mortier were brothers-in-law, who carried on the book publishing business established by Pierre Mortier in Amsterdam in 1685. Pierre Mortier's company owed much of its success to his access to French publishers, whose publications he re-issued in handsome editions. The elder Mortier died in 1711, his wife continued the firm until she died in 1719. In 1721, Covens and Mortier formed a partnership, Covens having married Agatha Mortier in the same year. They continued the business by publishing enlarged editions of Sanson, Jaillot, and De L'Isle, as well as some of the later Dutch cartographical masters such as De Wit and Allard, and of course Pierre Mortier.

494 ANONYMOUS Plan du Port Mahon et de ses fortifications. Minorca ?, ca. 1750. In original o/l colours. Pen and ink with water colour on paper. Contemp. added margins. 210 x 356 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°28416 .

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¤ Uncommon early French manuscript map of the bay and town-planof port Mahón. The entrance of the bay is blocked by "Staccades". St. Philip's Castle still in it basic shape and no signs of George Town.
Port Mahon is one of the world's finest natural harbors and particularly strategically importance during the eighteenth century wars between the English and French Navies in the Mediterranean. ¤ Checklist of Charts of Mahon Harbour, mapforum 36.


495 MERCATOR,G./ HONDIUS,J. Portugalliae que olim Lusitania.. Amsterdam, 1628. In attractive strong original colours. A good and strong impression. In mint condition. The cartouche is highlighted with gold dots ! 333 x 490 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°27988 .

500 €   buy now

¤ The best-known map of Portugal, after Alvares Secco (1560), orientated west to the top of the sheet. Secco's map was copied by many mapmakers and publishers for upwards of a century.
Engraved by the master engraver Baptista van Doetecum. Richly embellished with cartouches, compass rose, sailing ships, coat of arms, and a sea monster.

Provinces Portugal

496 GOOS,P. De cust van Barbaria Gualata, Arguyn, en Geneheo, van Capo S Vincente tot Capo Verde. Amsterdam, 1666. Coloured. On double-ply paper as issued. Paper very mildly age-toned, as usual. A good and dark impression. 422 x 518 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°12094 .

600 €   buy now

¤ An eye-catching chart of the north western coast of Africa. Including Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands and Azores. Pieter Goos (ca. 1616-1675) was one of the most important cartographer, engraver, publisher and print seller of Amsterdam. His widow continued business at her husband's death. She re-issued 'Nieuwe Groote Zee-Spiegel" in 1676.

497 DU VAL, P. Les Isles Terceres. . . Paris, c. 1650 - 1676. In original o/l colours. Large water stain in upper part of the map. Small wormhole in upper right corner filled in. Light foxing of paper. 535 x 340 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°31683 .

300 €   buy now

¤ Uncommon map of the Azores. Engraved by Sommer. Du Val is mentioned as the cartographer and the publisher was Pierre Mariette.

villes Portugal

498 LONGHI, G. Lisbona. Bologna, c.1680. Uncoloured A very good and dark impression. Paper slightly browned and spotted. Light water staining in upper marginal corners. Very good throughout. 485 x 963 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°33212 .

7000 €   buy now

¤ A rare panoramic view of Lisbon with over the whole length of the lower part a 4 columns of letter-press poem in Italian and Latin.
Published by Guiseppe Longhi, a publisher working in Bologna.
Collector's item.

499 PROBST, G. B. Lisabona. Augsbourg, ca. 1730. Imprimé en 2 feuilles, jointes. Bel exemplaire en parfait état. - Printed from two plates, joined. Fine condition. 385 x 1035 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°60546 .

4500 €   buy now

¤ Panorama de Lisbonne (N°58) légendé en latin et en allemand avec renvois 1-72. Avec le privilège en haut à gauche.
Publié par Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801) qui édita une série de vues de villes d'Europe panoramiques.
Georg Balthasar Probst était un graveur et éditeur d'Augsbourg qui était, au XVIIe et XVIIIe s., l'un des principaux centres de l'édition en Europe.
- A large-scale panoramic town-view of Lisbon, with legends in Latin and German, numbered from 1-72, along the bottom of the print identifying important sites and buildings. Published by Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801) who made a large series of engravings of European cities in this format. This being N°. 58, engraved at the bottom. Privilege in the top left corner. Georg Balthasar Probst was a German engraver and publisher in Augsburg, a major European publishing center in the 17th and 18th centuries.

500 WOLFF, J. Lissbona Augsburg, ca. 1740. Coloured. Left hand margin cut till neat line. Right hand part shaved and cut a few mm. Into engraved area, missing area carefully re-drawn. Very good condition. Dark impression. Printed on two joined sheets. 340 x 1060 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°28670 .

3500 €   buy now

¤ A spectacular panoramic view of Lisbon, with legends numbered from 1-15 in Italian and German. With the title in a banderol.
After a design by Friedrich Bernhard Werner (1690-1776) who was born in Silesia. During his youth he led a life of adventure, working as a military engineer and cartographer, travelling about as a quack doctor, working as an operator with a theatre in Prague and translating librettos for a group of wandering comedians. But after his marriage in 1718 he began a new life and concentrated on developing his undeniable artistic and cartographic talents. These skills brought him into contact with several leading art dealers and map publishers in Augsburg, most importantly the heirs of Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724).
He began his series of large city views for Wolff's heirs in 1729, when he returned to Augsburg after a European tour, and they commissioned further European tours in the 1730's to make delineations of the important cities and the architecture of the surrounding countryside.
These designs and impressions were published in series by several partners of the Wolff firm, primarily by Johann Friedrich Probst (1719 or 1721-1781), and later by his brother Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801).

501 MEISNER,D. Buarcos. Frankfurt 1623-78. Uncoloured. A good and dark impression. Some light brown spots. Very good. 100 x 145 mm.
Je voudrais de plus amples renseignements sur le Lot N°13768 .

80 €   buy now

¤ A very nice view of the city of Buarcos. On the foreground, a couple is walking next to the river. With a verse in two languages underneath the picture. The poet Daniel Meisner from Komotau started his "Thesaurus Philo-Politicus. Das ist Politisches Schatzkästlein guter Herren und bestendiger Freund..." in Frankfurt in 1623, initially in parts, each one containing about fifty plans. The work was printed work and was printed by Eberhard Kieser. In 1678 the collection of copperplates was sold to Paul Fü, who continued the printing under the title By 1625 the collection included 362 which had increased to 800 the end of the century, when the last edition was published. A rare and attractive print. - Fauser, Repertorium älterer Topographie.

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