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Auction Drouot-Richelieu
Besides being an expert for single consigned items in auctions held by Paris leading auction houses as PIASA, Ader Nordmann, Daguerre, Rossini, Kahn-Dumousset, Libert at Drouot, Béatrice Loeb-Larocque has been the expert in charge of the Binoche et Giquello November auction which offers fine and rare maps and views, atlases, prints and travel books for more than 18 years.
There is a printed catalogue and an on-line catalogue. The last one has 150 colour illustrations, and includes also late arrivals.

Béatrice Loeb-Larocque expert for a Portulan chart of the Mediterrean, N° 1

PLACIDO CALOIRO et OLIVA [or workshop].
[Portulan de la Méditerranée]. Messine, ca. 1621 et 1665. 71,5 x 44,5 cm.

Manuscript sea chart pen and ink drawn on vellum measuring 71.5 x 44.5 cm. elaborately decorated in the traditional style of portolan charts. In very good condition except for two sections where the vellum is missing. On the western edge, a strip about 30 cm wide has been lost and in the southeast a small section of the corner has been torn away. Despite these losses, the actual coverage area of the chart has not been significantly impacted.

Sold for 22.000 euros

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