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Location: 1640
Paris, ca. 1640 - 375 x 505 mm.
With east on top centered on the country anciently known as the principauté de Dombes located between Bresse on the north and the Lyon at the south [with the city of Lyon in the right-hand lower corne..
Location: 1642
Paris, 1642 - 380 x 525 mm.
Detailed and rare map of Midi-Pyrénées in the south western part of France, centered on Alby and the on the Tarn River. Beautiful inset upper right with a panoramic view of Alby.Published by Melchior..
Location: 1627
Paris, 1627 - 385 x 440 mm.
Scarce map depicting the area of La Rochelle, with the Isle de Ré, Aix and Ile d'Oléron. Prepared by Jérome Bachot (1596-1635?). From "Theatre geographique du Royaume de France. . . .". Here with the ..
Location: 1637
Paris, Melchior Tavernier, 1637 - 515 x 540 mm.
Rare map illustrating the naval battle between the French and Spanish off the Coast near La Rochelle.The map shows the battle of the Isles de Lerins, during the Franco-Spanish War (Thirty Years War), ..
Location: 1637
Paris, Melchior Tavernier, 1637 - 405 x 530 mm.
Très rare carte figurant les îles de Sainte-Marguerite et Saint-Honorat (îles de Lérins). Dressée par l'ingénieur Saint-Clair, elle fut publiée en 1637 par Melchior Tavernier dans son Théâtre géograph..
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