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7     FER, N. de. Introduction a la Geographie de la Corespondance du Globe Terrestre ou Mappe-Monde… ( Paris, 1705) Limites en col. d'époque. - Paper slightly age-toned as usual. Original outline colour. 460 x 700 mm.

450 - 500 €
Adjugé pour 450 €

¤ Large and boldly engraved double hemispheric map with California as an Island. Decorated with three armillary spheres, a crest and long descriptive notes at top. The hemispheres contain numerous notes and comments while inland detail is rudimentary.

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8     SEUTTER, M. Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variante et Visu… ( Augsbourg, 1725) Col. Pli central consolidé, papier légèrement jauni, quelques rousseurs, petite déchirure dans l'angle inf. gauche. - Paper slightly spotted, some discolouration and reinforcement along centre fold, hardly notable, minor tear lower left part. 495 x 575 mm.

1300 - 1500 €
Adjugé pour 1200 €

¤ The traditional decorative borders of many seventeenth-century world maps have disappeared. Seutter's twin central hemispheres are surrounded by eight smaller projections depicting the world from various angles, and four smaller circular diagrams. The map is a close copy of that by Carel Allard (1696), the cross-hatched background is changed into many wind blowing angels. On this map Hokkaido is even larger than Honshu and both islands are connected. California is an island. The oceans contain extensive routes of the explorers. New Holland is still incomplete; there is no South Polar continent. An exceptionally well engraved plate, wind heads are visible in the darkly engraved cross-hatched background.

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9     DELISLE, G . / BUACHE, Ph. / DEZAUCHE, J. Mappemonde Dressée par G. Delisle et Ph. Buache... Revue... Par J. A. Dezauche. ( Paris, 1828) Limites en col. d'époque. Bel exemplaire. - Mint condition. 457 x 665 mm.

300 - 500 €
Adjugé pour 300 €

¤ Annotations manuscrites comportant des indications de latitude et de mois, le long de l'hémisphère Est, principalement entre l'Australie et le Pôle Antarctique ainsi que dans l'angle sup. gauche de la carte. - Latitude manuscript annotations along the Eastern Hemisphere between Australia and the Antarctic.

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