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103 MALLET, A.M. Isles Caribes. Frankfurt, 1684. Uncoloured. Heavy water staining on left half of engraved area. 148 x 103 mm.
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¤ Very handsome map of the Caribbean, extending to include the shores of South America. The map is inserted in a prospective view of the Caribbean Sea, where some vessels are involved in a naval combat.
From the German text edition published by Davis Zunners.
Allain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706), a well traveled military engineer and geographer who worked in 17th century France under King Louis XIV.

104 VISSCHER, N. Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali.. Amsterdam, 1690. In original colours. A good and dark impression. Paper slightly age-toned and a few brown spotting. Very fine. 460 x 560 mm.
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¤ A particularly handsome map portraying the south-eastern U.S., the Caribbean islands, part of Mexico, Central America, Florida (called tegesta Prov. ) and part of South America. Strangely, the area of present day Georgia and part of South Carolina is called French Florida ( Florida Galli ): the French colonies in the area had been wiped out a century before this map appeared. The map extends as far north as Delaware Bay.

105 BELLIN,J.N. Carte Réduite De L'Isle De Saint Christophe.. Paris 1758. Coloured. Printed on heavy paper. Overall in very good condition. 559 x 872 mm.
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¤ A well engraved and highly detailed large-scale map of St. Kitts, with highly detailed topography , many place names, and a beautiful title cartouche. At the upper right is a large inset map of Nevis in a rococo frame.
It shows soundings, anchorage's, channels, shoals, navigational sightings. Engraved by Petit, engraver for the Depot Générale de la marine is noted as such on the map. With the seal and Prix . Trente Sols.A beautiful chart in fine condition.

106 DÉPÔT GÉNÉRAL DE LA MARINE. [Carte Réduite Des Îles Antilles. . . ] & [Carte Réduite Des Débouquements De St. Domingue. . . ]. Paris, 1775. Col. Belle impression sur papier fort. Bon état général. Bel exemplaire aquarellé de rose, vert et jaune. - Printed on heavy paper. Overall in very good condition. 559 x 872 mm.
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¤ Deux cartes sur une feuille : la carte sup. figure les Antilles françaises : îles Vierges, St. Christophe, Antigue, la Guadeloupe, la Dominique, la Martinique, et Ste Lucie. La seconde carte représente essentiellement les débouquements de St. Domingue et les îles environnantes.
- A well engraved and highly detailed two-in-one chart of the Lesser Antilles (from the eastern tip of Puerto Rico to St. Vincent and Barbadoes) and of the Turks and Caicos (including part of the Bahamas and the northern coast of Hispaniola).

107 DESNOS / BRION Guayane, Terre Ferme Isles Antilles et N.lle Espagne. . . Paris, 1790. In original colours. In good condition. 282 x 480 mm.
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¤ Map showing Mexico, Cuba, Central America. Left and right a box with geographical information for each part country on the continent. Prepared by Louis Brion de la Tour and published by Louis Charles Desnos, active in Paris at rue St.Jacques.

108 BELLIN, J.N. Carte réduite du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l' Amérique. . . N° 67. Paris, seconde édition 17... ou 1808. Col. Belle impression sur papier fort, dotée de belles marges. Bel exemplaire aquarellé. Bonne condition générale. - Printed on heavy paper. Overall in very good condition. 559 x 872 mm.
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¤ Belle carte marine figurant le Golfe du Mexique et les Caraïbes.
- A well engraved and highly detailed chart prepared by Bellin of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. In addition to a magnificent title cartouche and a colour key to the European colonial powers in the region.
The map features multiple rhumb lines, current indicators, depth soundings and many names along the coast. The direction of the currents is also shown. An excellent wide margined example of this interesting chart.
According to the title a second edition (dated "year 17," or 1808).
Published by the Dépôt Général de la Marine with stamp and Prix. Trente Sols
In upper right corner number 67.

Bellin, the Dépôt de la Marine's senior hydrographic engineer, beginning in 1721, wrote a 5 volume treatise on Gulf Navigation in 1749, which is notable for its harsh treatment of Henry Popple's map of North America.

109 TASSO, G. Arcipelago Colombiano cioe Le Isole Lucaje Le Grandi e Piccole Antille. Venice, 1840. In attractive original colours. Printed on heavy paper. Mint condition. 330 x 485 mm.
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¤ A rare and detailed double-page map of the Caribbean. The map is surrounded by an explanatory historical text about the countries in a green hand coloured background colour.
According to the title cartouche, prepared by Girolamo Tasso and A de La Sage for l'Atlante Storico, Letterario, Biografico, Archeologico. . . with attributions by Giambatista Albrizzi.
We were not able to find references to the publisher, engraver or author of this map.
Uncommon and in very good condition. Brunet, III, 859. Graesse, IV, p. 113. Quérard, IV, 586-589. Phillips, I, p. 37, n. 125.

110 WYLD, J. Map of the West India & Bahama Islands.. Londres, 1855/64. Limites en col. d'époque. Printed on heavy paper. A few very light brown spots, generally in very good condition. 530 x 774 mm.
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¤ Very detailed map of the Caribbean, including Southern tip of Florida, Bahama Islands, north coast of Venezuela and Honduras. James Wyld (the younger) was geographer to the Queen and H.R.H. Prince Albert. Joined his father's business in 1830. His address was from 1835 until 1860: Charing Cross East next door to the Post Office and 457 Strand. As Queen Victoria married Albert in 1840 his imprint changed to Geographer of the Queen and H.R.H. Prince Albert. From his "A New General Atlas of modern geography..". Map is very finely engraved and coloured by hand.


111 FER, N. de. / DANET, G. L'Isle St. Domingue ou Espagnole. . . Paris, Danet, 1723. Limites en col. ancien. Belle impression sur papier fort. Contours aquarellés à l’époque de rose, vert et jaune. Infimes taches brunes dans les marges. 440 x 585 mm.
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¤ Carte marine très attrayante décrivant l'île de St. Domingue et les îles Caïques. Orné de deux cartouches représentant les activités quotidiennes : la pêche, la cueillette de la noix de coco et du tabac.

112 BELLIN, J.N. Carte de L'Isle de Saint Domingue. . . Paris, 1750. Uncoloured. A good and dark impression. 191 x 290 mm.
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¤ Bellin's charming and well-detailed map of Hispaniola from Prevost d'Exiles famous travel and exploration book, "Histoire Générale des Voyages".

113 BELLIN, J. N. Carte de l' Isle d'Hayti, . . . L' isle de St. Domingue. . . Amsterdam, 1773. Beau col. ancien. Bel exemplaire aux contours aquarellés à l’époque de rose, vert et jaune. Très bonne condition générale. - In very good condition. In lower right engraved "23". 235 x 332 mm.
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¤ Bel exemplaire de l'édition hollandaisede cette carte marine du XVIIIe s. figurant l'île d'Haïti et de Saint Domingue, de Cuba, de la Jamaïque, de l' ïle de Boriquen et des îles Turques et des îles Caïques dans les Antilles. Le numéro 23 est gravé en bas à droite dans la marge. En 1492, Christophe Colomb débarque sur l'île d'Haïti qu'il appelle Hispaniola et qui deviendra Santo Domingo. En 1697, lors du traité de Ryswick, qui met fin à la guerre de la ligue d’Augsbourg, la France obtient la partie occidentale de l’île d’Haïti. Le territoire est appelé Saint-Domingue. Les Espagnols conservent le reste de l’île, appelé Santo Domingo. La France occupera le territoire jusqu’en 1803. Haïti proclamera son indépendance le 1er janvier 1804.

- Uncommon edition of this fine map of Hispaniola and the neighboring islands Jamaica, Caymans, Porto Ricco and the eastern part of Cuba. Hispaniola divided into the five major "cacicazgos," or native Taino kingdoms, that Columbus found in 1492. A decorative floral cartouche adds to the appeal of this historically interesting map.
From "Atlas Portatif pour servir a l'intelligence de l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique des etablissements et du commerce des Europe'ens dans les deux Indes". With French text in title cartouche and an additional title in Dutch underneath the map. Prepared by Jacques Nicolaas Bellin (1703-1772); one of the most important and proficient French cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century. He was appointed the first Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine, and also the Official Hydrographer to the French King.

114 BUACHE,S. Carte de la Dominique prise par les Francois. . . Paris, 1778. Limites en col. ancien. Belle impression contrastée sur papier fort. Très bon état général. - A dark impression. Very good condition. 601 x 471 mm.
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¤ Carte marine de l' île de St. Domingue. - A rare map of St. Dominica, with insets of Charlotteville with its attack by the French on 7 September 1778. Also small inset map of the Caribbean islands from Antigua till Grenada. With dedication to de Sartine, a French official.

115 DELAPORTE,L'Abbé. L'Isle St. Domingue Divisée en 5 Département. Paris, Prudhomme, Levrault, Debray, 1806. In original o/l colours. 2 vertical folds as issued. Left margin cut close along border frame. Good condition. 162 x 212 mm.
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¤ Map of the island of Hispaniola, from Atlas de la Géographie de toutes les parties du monde .. Ouvrage destiné pour l'education, et nécessaire aux négocians, aux voyageurs, aux fonctionnaires publics, aux banquiers, aux agens de change, aux littérateurs, etc..


116 DU VAL, P. Isles d'Amerique dites Caribes ou Cannibales et de Barlovento. . . Paris, 1664. Limites en col. d'époque. Traces de pliures, bel exemplaire à grandes marges. - In good condition. Good and dark impression. Wide margins. Dated 1664. 336 x 260 mm.
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¤ Carte figurant les petites Antilles depuis les Iles Vierges jusqu'à l'île Sainte-Marguerite située au nord-est du continent vénézuélien. Publiée dans l'atlas de Duval intitulé : "Cartes de géographie les plus nouvelles…", Paris, 1667. Uncommon map of the of the Lesser Antilles from the Virgin Islands to Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela.
Navigational notes and a lettered key to European possessions of the Caribbean islands.

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