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Anjou - Maine

Location: 1598
Anvers, 1598 - 360 x 470 mm.
Beautiful map of the Anjou region of western France along the Loire River. Include the city of Angers in the center. Accompanying French text on verso...
Location: 1609
Amsterdam/Frankfurt, 1609 - 85 x 123 mm.
A miniature map of the Loire valley, centered on Angers. Title cartouche in the upper right corner.First published in 1598 in his Caert-Thresoor, the plates were executed by the most famous engravers ..
Location: 1619
Paris, ca. 1619 - 340 x 450 mm.
A title cartouche and a scale. Leclerc's "Theater geographique de France" is an extension of Bouguereau's "Theater". Refugee with his family in Tours during the troubles of the League, he would then h..
Location: 1619
Paris, ca. 1619 - 350 x 460 mm.
Diocesan map representing the diocese of Le Mans decorated with 2 cartouches. Leclerc's "Theater geographique de France" is an extension of Bouguereau's "Theater". Refugee with his family in Tours dur..
Location: 1619
Paris, ca. 1619 - 350 x 460 mm.
2 cartouches. Le "Theatre geographique de France" de Leclerc est le prolongement du "Theatre" de Bouguereau. Réfugié avec sa famille à Tours pendant les troubles de la Ligue, il aurait alors travaillé..
Location: 1634
Amsterdam, 1634 - 385 x 500 mm.
FIRST EDITION, FIRST ISSUE OF THIS MAP. From the 1634 edition of Blaeu's Atlas Novus, the first edition of this work.Decorative map showing the environs north-west of Paris with beautiful cartouches.I..
Location: 1634
Paris, 1634 - 370 x 510 mm.
Very fine and detailed map centered on Mayenne and Le Mans. Embellished with a title cartouche surrounded by a sea monster or perhaps a..
Location: 1652
1652 - 630 x 760 mm.
Rare map of the Duchy of Anjou by Jean Le loyer commissioned by Archdeacon Guy Arthaud. "Engraved and engraved by Jean de l'Aigle Parisien aged 13. It is dedicated to the Duke of Anjou and adorned wit..
Location: 1745
Paris, Ph. Buache Gendre de l'Auteur,1745 - 482 x 655 mm.
Carte figurant les provinces du Maine et du Perche. Le Perche est divisé en Grand Perche ou Haut Perche, Petit Perche et Perche Gouet ou Bas Perche. La province du Maine est délimitée par un contour a..
Location: 1773
Paris, Basset, 1773 - 480 x 680 mm.
Very detailed map, engraved by the author, showing the general government of Maine and Perche. The card is dedicated to M.P.A.G.V. of the Tour du Pin Marquis de la Charce and Méréville. Adorned with a..
Location: 1777
Paris, Basset, 1777 - 460 x 645 mm.
Uncommon map divided into military governments drawn up by J-B. Nolin. Map framed on both sides by a descriptive text: "Description du Gouvernement Militaire du Maine et Perche / du Gouvernement d'Anj..
Location: 1813
Paris, 1813 - 385 x 530 mm.
Beautiful and rare plan of the city of Angers, framed by a decorative border imitating a frame. It shows the development work undertaken after the Revolution and at the beginning of the 19th century: ..
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