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Location: 1655
Amsterdam, 1655 - 368 x 515 mm.
Decorative map of the coastline covering present-day Tunisia and Libya. It is based on Ortelius' map of the same title, which in turn was based on Gastaldi's great map of Africa and the ancient texts ..
Location: 1647
Amsterdam, 1647 - 464 x 550 mm.
Showing California as an island, and above, the north west of the continent left blank except for two legends explaining the discoveries to that date. The Hudson Bay is called Buttons Bay, and the St ..
Location: 1621
Amsterdam, 1621 - 340 x 490 mm.
A rare and ornate map with inset portraits of James First, Henry Prince of Wales Princess Anne of Denmark.Janssonius acquired the copperplate of van den Keere's 1604 British Isles map following Orteli..
Location: 1640
Amsterdam / Paris, 1640 - 387 x 496 mm.
Map of the north of France centered on Cambrai. Three cartouches and a beautiful coat of arms decorate the corners of the map.No text on verso. From a French composite atlas...
Location: 1632
Amsterdam, 1632 - 410 x 550 mm.
This is the rare early issue with decorative paneled borders. In upper border views and plans of Famagusta, Rhodos, Damascus, Jerusalem, Aden and Ormus. Originally engraved with plans of 6 towns at t..
Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 379 x 4892 mm.
¤ A nice example of Janssonius map of region centered on Bilbao and extending from S. Andero to Calgurris and Baiona. Shows cities of Bilbao and Laredo, and includes a charming vignette of a putti wit..
Location: 1650
Amsterdam, 1650 - 380 x 519 mm.
Centered on St. Paul, Hesdin, with the coast of Northern France, including Boulogne-sur-Mer...
Location: 1630
Amsterdam, 1630 - 379 x 498 mm.
Detailed map of Franche-Comté. Showing Dole, Rochefort, Arbois, Besançon, Ornans, etc. Also depicting Bourgogne in the upper part with the city of Dijon. North to the right side...
Location: 1645
Amsterdam, 1645 - 380 x 500 mm.
Beautiful and detailed map of Pais de Retelois in the north east of France. Showing the city of Retel, Moncornet en Tirache, Beaumont, Charleville. The cartographer was Jean Jubrien Châlonnais (1569-1..
Location: 1630
Amsterdam, 1630 - 375 x 500 mm.
Map of French region of Champagne, including part of Lorraine. The second state with the signature of J.Janssonius...
Location: 1637
Amsterdam, 1637 - 380 x 5485 mm.
A very detailed map of this area, including Arnhem, Nijmegen, Zutphen, Groenlo, etc. First imprint, from a Latin edition of the rare Appendix...
Location: 1650
Amsterdam, 1650 - 360 x 503 mm.
A striking map of the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding areas. It depicts the travels of the Apostle St. Paul.The pair of decorative cartouches, presented in a curtain style design, follows the in..
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