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Location: 1598
Anvers, 1598 - 375 x 505 mm.
Two regional maps of France. Depicting to the left, the region of Le Mans, also known as Civitas Cenomanorum (City of the Cenomani), and to the right the regions of Brittany and Normandy...
Location: 1619
Paris, ca. 1619 - 357 x 470 mm.
Adorned with a coat of arms and 3 wind roses. Without text on the back. Leclerc's "Theater geographique de France" is an extension of Bouguereau's "Theater". Refugee with his family in Tours during th..
Location: 1630
Amsterdam, ca 1630 - 185 x 250 mm.
Map of Brittany and Normandy. Published in the rare Cloppenburgh edition of Gerhard Mercator's "Atlas Minor", verso Latin text. Engraved by Van den Keere...
Location: 1644
Amsterdam, 1644 - 380 x 520 mm.
Map of Bretagne in France. From early on Willem Jansz. Blaeu aimed of publishing an atlas to compete with the Hondius-Jansson Atlas. By 1630, he had published at least 17 folio size maps. Blaeu was a..
Location: 1648
Amsterdam, 1648 - 380 x 520 mm.
Bel exemplaire de la carte de Bretagne où l'on aperçoit en haut à droite le Mont St. Michel, à gauche l' île d'Ouessant jusqu'à Belle-Ile en Mer et l' Ile de Noirmoutier dans la partie inférieure droi..
Location: 1676
Amsterdam, 1676 - 420 x 530 mm.
Nautical chart showing the Breton coast with the Channel Islands, Saint-Malo, St-Pol-de-Léon, Brest and the island of Ouessant...
Location: 1690
Venise, 1690 - 603 x 450 mm.
A beautiful and rare map of Bretagne. In top right an inset with the town of Brest.The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology, was citiz..
Location: 1693
Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1693 - 578 x 785 mm.
Chart showing the Chanel, with the coastline of France from La Baie de Douarnenez to Dunkerque, and the coastline of England from Stroble head to Manning Tree.Boundaries outlined in hand colour. The m..
Location: 1709
Amsterdam, 1709 - 505 x 575 mm.
Nautical chart published in "De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waereld. Vertoonende in zig alle de Zee-Kusten des Aardryks… Second state with the pagination number (n ° 22) at the bot..
Location: 1720
Nuremberg, 1720 - 480 x 570 mm.
Map of Brittany with inset plan of Brest. Third state, without privilege...
Location: 1720
Nuremberg, ca. 1720 - 482 x 574 mm.
Troisième état, non datée et sans privilège. Ornée d'un cartouche de titre et d'un plan de la ville de Brest...
Location: 1730
Amsterdam, 1730 - 465 x 556 mm.
This very rare map of Britany made by the Amsterdam publisher and Pieter Persoy (1675-1695). This among fourteen other maps are sometimes found in atlases by Frederik de Wit.The cartouche was etched b..
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